Charlie & Food

July 1, 2013 admin 8

Charlie and I lived together, sharing the same room, for more than two years, and many’s the time we cooked our dinners in our room. […]

Random Excerpt

June 22, 2013 admin 4

From “The Man Who Knows Charlie Chaplin Best” By Mayme Ober Peak, Boston Globe, Feb. 22nd, 1931: Henry’s huge figure had been familiar to me […]

Random Excerpt

May 17, 2013 admin 0

While I was slithering around Sunset Boulevard, Charlie was a more and more frequent guest at our house. He had just recently been starred for […]

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Random Excerpt

May 8, 2013 admin 1

He was always fond of people who were not carried away by his name. During my stay with him he had a young lady friend […]


December 1, 2012 admin 0

Charlie in St. Moritz, c. 1932 In this excerpt from his travel memoir, “A Comedian Sees The World,” Charlie recalls his first time skiing in St. […]

First Impressions

November 16, 2012 admin 4

Photo by Albert Witzel, c. 1922 “I met a rather handsome man with almost jet-black hair and brown eyes [sic] which looked at me with […]