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Monday, August 8, 2016

Chaplin in ads for Wolf & Bean suits

The following ads appeared in the Los Angeles Times in 1916. According to the first ad, Chaplin wore a Wolf & Bean dress suit "throughout the entire two reels" of One A.M., which premiered 100 years ago this week (August 7th). The second ad shows "the world's greatest comedian" as readers have perhaps never seen him--in Full Dress. Says Mr. Chaplin: "I appreciate the fact that my Formal Attire is correct in every detail."

Sunday, August 7, 2016

ONE A.M., released 100 years ago today

"Charlie Chaplin said that if any man could appear absolutely alone and hold attention for two full reels, he believed he could do it," wrote Alexia Durant of Photoplayer's Weekly.1 And that's exactly what Chaplin accomplished in his fourth release for the Mutual Film Corporation. Except for a brief appearance at the beginning by Albert Austin, the film is a complete solo performance.

Chaplin plays a wealthy drunk who arrives home in the wee hours and tries to go to bed. "One A.M. was unusual for me," he later wrote, "it was a solo act which took place in a very restricted space: an exercise in mime and technical virtuosity, with no plot or secondary characters. I arrive home drunk early one morning to find everything in the house against me."2

It was an experiment he never repeated. Not only was the film the least popular of the Mutuals but Chaplin himself never thought too highly of it. According to biographer Theodore Huff, he was said to have summed up One A.M. with the remark: “One more film like that and it will be goodbye Charlie.” 

1July 15, 1916
2Chaplin, My Life In Pictures, 1974