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Friday, June 27, 2014

Home movie footage, c. 1950s

The folks at the beginning are Jerry Epstein (far left), Kay Kendall and Rex Harrison. Kendall was a former girlfriend of Sydney (the younger) and was Charlie's first choice to play Ann Kay in A King In New York. I think the first blonde is Noelle Adam, son Sydney's wife and the second (the one who hugs Charlie) is Oona's childhood friend, Carol Marcus (later Matthau, wife of Walter) but this is just a guess. There is also a brief shot of Claire Bloom sitting on the lawn at the Manoir.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Chaplin family Christmas card, c. 1972

The greeting is in Oona's handwriting. Back row L-R : Josephine holding her son Charly, Jane, Nick Sistovaris (Josephine’s then-husband), Eugene, Sydney with his son, Stephan, in front of him, Noelle Adam (Sydney's then-wife), Victoria holding her daughter Aurelia, Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée (Victoria’s husband). Front row L-R: Annette, CC, Oona & Christopher. Geraldine & Michael are absent. Charlie, Jr. died in 1968.