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Friday, August 15, 2014

Chaplin with notorious Hollywood gossip columnist, Louella Parsons, c.1940

Chaplin first met Parsons in 1915 when she was head of the scenario department at Essanay. On his first day at the studio, she handed him a script. Alarmed, he snapped at her, "I don't use other people's scripts, I write my own!"

However, despite this abrupt first meeting, Chaplin and Parsons became friends (although Lita Grey recalls being present during a very heated argument between them in the 1920s). So when Chaplin became unpopular politically, one may have expected Parsons to come to his defense since she had long been known as a friend of his. But, as Charles Maland pointed out in his book, Chaplin & American Culture, "the prevailing political atmosphere (and the fact that her employer was the Hearst Newspaper chain), put pressure on her to criticize Chaplin." Thus protecting herself against the charge of being seen as a Communist sympathizer. Despite this, I don't think she was as venomous towards Chaplin as her rival Hedda Hopper.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Premiere of THE CIRCUS Party for Marion Davies, 1928

The above photo is often incorrectly labeled as having been taken at the premiere of either The Circus or City Lights. However it was actually taken at a welcome home party that was given for Marion Davies at the Ambassador Hotel following her return from Europe in October 1928.

Below is a group photo from the same event. Original photograph caption dated October 31,1928 reads: "Photo shows a distinguished group of filmland notables at a welcome party honoring Marion Davies, famous star just returned from a three-month trip abroad. Standing, left to right, Lorraine Eddy, Matt Moore, Aileen Pringle, Louis B. Mayer, Gloria Swanson, Harry d'Arrast, Miss Davies, Louella O. Parsons, Ricardo Cortez, Charlie Chaplin, Norma Shearer, Irving G. Thalberg, Harold Lloyd and Robert Z. Leonard. Seated in foreground are Harry Crocker, left, and William Haines. The French room of the Ambassador was transformed into likeness of a Parisian cafe for the surprise party greeting Miss Davies." (Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Collection)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sam Goldwyn entertains visiting New York Mayor Jimmy Walker, c. 1928

Charlie is standing fourth from left, Sam Goldwyn second from left. Walker is in the middle & Ernst Lubitsch third from right. Douglas Fairbanks is in the foreground. Behind him, left to right: Lupe Velez, Dolores Del Rio, Louella Parsons & Marion Davies (except for Louella, Charlie has been linked romantically with all of these women. There are photos of him taking Lupe to a premiere around this time, he was involved in a long, sporadic affair with Marion, & may have had a sexual relationship with Dolores when she first came to Hollywood).