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Friday, July 1, 2016

Georgia Hale, 1930

Here's Georgia (left) with Eduardo Ugarte, Leonor Orstein, Edgar Neville (holding a rifle), José López Rubio and Tono. Ugarte, Neville, and Rubio were Spanish writers/filmmakers. Tono was a Spanish comedian (Ornstein was his wife). All had recently come to Hollywood from Spain and had spent time with Chaplin, especially Neville, who even had a bit part in City Lights. It's possible Chaplin took this photo.


And because I enjoy finding similarities in photos. I noticed that Georgia is wearing the same jacket in the photos below taken at Catalina Island, also in 1930, with Chaplin & a group of Russian filmmakers.

GH, Ivor Montagu, Sergei Eisenstein, Eduard Tisse, and CC (looking through binoculars)
Tisse, CC, GH, and Eisenstein
Same group, except Grigori Alexandrov replaces Tisse,
 and Charlie & Georgia decide to hold hands.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Random quote

“When I was young, the idea of an orgy was tremendously exciting. Charlie Chaplin once organized one in Hollywood for me and two Spanish friends, but when the three ravishing young women arrived from Pasadena, they immediately got into a tremendous argument over which one was going to get Chaplin, and in the end all three left in a huff.”
— Luis Buñuel, My Last Breath, 1983. The bungled orgy took place during the summer of 1930 while Buñuel was visiting Chaplin.

L-R: Eduardo Ugarte, Luis Buñuel, Jose Lopez Rubio, Eleanor & Antonio de Lara by the pool at Chaplin's Hollywood home, 1930. source

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charlie with Spanish screenwriter Jose Lopez Rubio & Georgia Hale, c. 1930

I wasn't completely convinced that the girl in the middle was Georgia (she never looks like the dance hall girl from The Gold Rush in candid photos!), so I did a little research and found another photo (below), taken on the same day, of Rubio and Georgia after a tennis match (Georgia was a very good tennis player and is credited for introducing Charlie to the game). The above photo was taken on the tennis court of Charlie's Beverly Hills home.
Something interesting I noticed about this photo is that the sweater Georgia is wearing looks very similar to the sweater Charlie wore during Winston Churchill's visit in 1929 (below). It might not be exactly the same but it's close.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Charlot y tres amigos

Charlie is seen here with Spanish writers/filmmakers José López Rubio (left), Edgar Neville (right) & Eduardo Ugarte (seated in front), on the tennis court of his Beverly Hills home, c. 1930.