April 14, 2015 admin 2

Released April 14th, 1918, this was Chaplin’s first “million dollar comedy” for First National and the first film he made in his newly built studio […]

Random Excerpt

November 15, 2014 admin 1

Journalist Sara Hamilton describes a day on the Chaplin lot during the filming of Modern Times: A Chaplin picture conference is something that defies description. […]

CITY LIGHTS set visit

August 4, 2014 admin 1

Charlie is at far right. Other familiar faces include: Henry Bergman (far left, in the back), Virginia Cherrill, Douglas Fairbanks, & Toraichi Kono (behind Doug). […]

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Outtake from The Idle Class

November 5, 2013 admin 2

Below are stills (or on set images) from a bowling alley sequence that was filmed (supposedly) for The Idle Class but never used.