Charlie & daughter Geraldine

September 29, 2013 admin 0

The original caption says they are watching television. I had always read that Charlie banned TV-watching in his house. Maybe they were airing one of […]

Charlie & Food

July 1, 2013 admin 8

Charlie and I lived together, sharing the same room, for more than two years, and many’s the time we cooked our dinners in our room. […]

Discovering Chaplin

December 23, 2012 admin 0

Charlie & Oona, Christmas 1962 Josephine Chaplin: He always got very depressed at Christmas because we made it the big fiesta of the year. There […]

Discovering Chaplin

July 30, 2012 admin 0

Charlie with his daughter Geraldine and her son, Shane Saura Chaplin (who was named after Geraldine’s uncle, Shane O’Neill), c. 1974.