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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rare photos of Chaplin in Nice, March 31st, 1931

Chaplin is seen here on the day of his arrival in Nice during his 1931 world tour. He had just been reunited with his brother, Syd, who had been living there for the last several months. These photos show the brothers, along with press agent, Carlyle Robinson, and European rep. for United Artists, Boris Evelinoff, being greeted at the Imperial Hotel by Frank J. Gould and his wife, Florence. Gould was Chaplin's host in Nice and owner of the hotel.

Chaplin met May Reeves not long after these photos were taken. Both Robinson and Evelinoff would eventually lose their jobs because of the Reeves affair.

Charlie is at left. Syd is second from right.
Frank J. Gould, far right.
Florence Gould shakes hands with Charlie. Carlyle Robinson is at left facing CC.
The woman on the right might be Elsa Maxwell, a friend of Chaplin's,
whom he saw during his visit in Nice.
Charlie and Syd.
Florence Gould pins a flower on Charlie's lapel.
Syd is at right. I believe that's Boris Evelinoff in the center.
Carlyle Robinson is in back behind CC. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Chaplin at the Palais de la Méditerranée, Nice, April 1931

Photos from Sur La Riviera, April 12, 1931.

Chaplin spent two weeks in Nice during the first part of his 1931-32 world tour. He was the guest of Frank J. Gould (4th from right) and his wife, Florence, who owned the Palais de la Mediterranée, as well as the Majestic Hotel (where Chaplin stayed). Gould was once married to the sister of Charlie's first love, Hetty Kelly.

Caption translates roughly to:
"Chaplin accused by the city of Paris of stealing the towers of Notre Dame
 pleads guilty and begs the indulgence of Henry Torrés prominent civil lawyer."

Thursday, October 17, 2013

World Tour Revisited: London, October 1931 + a couple of "leftovers"

I haven't posted much about Charlie's time in London so far because not much is known about his activities during the month of October. All I know for sure is that he had dinner with the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland at Ciro's one evening. He was also spotted at a "motor show" where he looked "very tired."

It is also unclear when May Reeves joined him in London since the press does not mention her arrival nor her presence at any event with Chaplin. As you may recall, Charlie and May separated after their stay in Biarritz in mid-September. May was going to Austria to visit her parents, while Charlie moved on to England. When she finally does join him in London, she surprises him by arriving two days earlier than he expected which didn't bring the reaction from him that she had hoped: "I shouldn't have surprised him!" she later wrote. "His first exclamation astonished me: 'Oh, how strange; I'm not moved at all.' What hard-hardedness! I almost wanted to get back on the train. But a minute later he leaped into my arms and murmured, 'Oh my sweet, my beautiful one, how happy I am to be with you again.'" Thereafter, they "shared a room at the Carlton and live like a married couple."

May's presence with Charlie in London is noteworthy because she was one of only two women that Charlie ever showed around his beloved hometown. His wife, Oona, was the other.

Things pick up for Charlie in November and December 1931, including his induction into the Grand Order Of The Water Rats & the Ice Carnival benefit with the Prince of Wales. I will have more on those events in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, I will share some rare photos that my friend Dominique Dugros recently brought to my attention. Had I seen them sooner, I would have included them in my Leftovers post from last month. The photos, which were published in an April 1931 issue of the magazine, Sur La Riviera, show Charlie meeting Frank J. Gould upon his arrival in Nice on March 31st, 1931:

Chaplin shaking hand with Mr. Gould.
Syd Chaplin is at far right. Gould was Chaplin's host during his stay in Nice.
 He is also holding an issue of Sur La Riviera.
Mr. Gould's wife, Florence, is in the middle.
 Mr. Gould was previously married to Hetty Kelly's sister, Edith.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

World Tour (1931-32) Revisited: Nice, March 31st, 1931

Charlie at the train station in Nice.

Except from A Comedian Sees The World:
My next move was to the south of France to visit my brother who had been living there for the last six months. I was to be the guest of Frank J. Gould in Nice, so after nine days in Paris, I arrived in the south of France, the playground of the fashionable world. 
Nice is a night's journey from Paris, and you arrive on the Cote d'Azur, "the blue coast," about noon, getting your first glimpse of the Mediterranean. It is a pity the railroads are so near the sea. They spoil the coastline. I am a little disappointed with my first glimpse of the country. It seems so congested with its houses on top of one another, so different from the open spaces of the coastline of California.
My friend Frank Gould and his wife met me at the station, along with my brother Syd and his family. I shall not go into the details of the welcome I received from the crowd. Nevertheless Frank Gould was considerably moved by the demonstration.
"It must make you very happy to be so admired," he remarked.
But after lunch he went with me to buy some tennis rackets, and as we walked along crowds started gathering until we stopped the traffic. People were pushing and shouting, "Hooray, Charlie!" They became so dense and demonstrative that we could hardly move on our way.
I could see Frank getting quite worried and when we eventually arrived home he declared, "I wouldn't be you for ten million dollars."

A gathering at the Majestic Hotel in Nice. Chaplin's host, Frank J. Gould, is on his right.
Gould, who was once married to Hetty Kelly's sister,  owned the hotel
 and provided Charlie and his entourage with a suite.
His wife, Florence, is on Charlie's left. Syd is seated next to her. 
Syd and Charlie in Nice.