Just in time for Thanksgiving

November 27, 2013 admin 0

Charlie’s Apple Roll recipe: This recipe originally appeared in the 1916 book Celebrated Actor-Folks’ Cookeries: A Collection of The Favorite Foods of Famous Players. More recipes […]

Charlie & Food

July 1, 2013 admin 8

Charlie and I lived together, sharing the same room, for more than two years, and many’s the time we cooked our dinners in our room. […]

Cooking with Charlie

November 22, 2012 admin 2

Onscreen, Charlie cooks his boot with all the finesse and care of a five-star chef. But believe it or not, he also enjoyed cooking in […]

The Charles Chaplin Sandwich

August 30, 2012 admin 1

“The Star Sandwiches of the Montmartre” I’m pleased to see that Charlie’s sandwich is vegetarian-friendly, and it’s “marvelous for stag affairs.” (Motion Picture, February 1929)