DAY BY DAY: 1936

May 29, 2016 admin 1

Friday, May 29th: The Coolidge, en route to San Francisco, makes a brief stop in Honolulu Sailing from Yokohama, the President Coolidge, carrying Charlie, Paulette, […]

Day By Day: 1936

April 29, 2016 admin 1

Wednesday, April 29th: Charlie, Paulette, and her mother, Alta, pose with the local press in Hanoi.  These photos were probably taken outside the Metropole Hotel […]

Day By Day: 1936

April 23, 2016 admin 2

(circa)April 21st-April 23rd: Annam Page from photo album in Chaplin Archives. Following their visit to Angkor, Chaplin and his companions traveled east to the area […]

Day By Day: 1936

April 20, 2016 admin 0

(circa) Monday, April 20th: Charlie & Paulette visit the ruins of Angkor It was around this time 80 years ago that Charlie, Paulette, her mother, […]

Day By Day: 1936

April 11, 2016 admin 0

April 10th-April 12th: En route to Indochina (Vietnam) These photos show Charlie, Paulette, and Alta aboard the French ship, Aramis,* between Singapore and Saigon, exactly […]

Day By Day: 1936

April 3, 2016 admin 5

March 29th – April 6th: Bali! Very little is known about Chaplin’s second trip to Bali.1 Four years before (almost to the day), he had […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 27, 2016 admin 1

March 26-27: Garut to Djokja From Garut, the travelers’ headed northeast to Wonosobo, a town in Central Java. Here they spent the night at the […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 25, 2016 admin 1

March 24-25: Bandung and Garut When we last left our travelers (Charlie, Paulette, Alta, and Frank), they had begun their road trip across Java–from Batavia […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 23, 2016 admin 5

Monday: March 23rd: The gang leaves Singapore at dawn for Batavia, Java. CC, Qantas captain Russell Tapp, Paulette, and Alta Charlie, Paulette, her mother, Alta, […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 22, 2016 admin 6

Sunday, March 22nd: Charlie, Paulette, and Alta are the guests of the Sultan of Johore.  I could find no details about this visit. It was […]