Red Letter Days

May 17, 2017 admin 1

One of the reasons I haven’t posted anything new recently is because I have been staying up until the wee hours the last few nights […]

Food For Thought

May 10, 2017 admin 1

During his acceptance speech for the Chaplin Award on Monday night, Robert De Niro said the award’s namesake would not be admitted to Donald Trump’s […]

Chaplin’s Choice

April 22, 2017 admin 9

Ever wonder what Chaplin thought of other actors or directors? Which films did he enjoy? Here is a non-comprehensive list of people and films he […]

Yes, I Can See Now

April 19, 2017 admin 2

I’ve always wondered when Charlie started wearing glasses. I figured it was at least the early 1920s since Lita Grey recalled Chaplin wearing glasses the […]