Chaplin & Edna Purviance at the premiere of D.W. Griffith’s “Hearts Of The World,” March 1918

Many thanks to Dominique for sharing with me this rare photo of Charlie and Edna together in public.

Los Angeles Evening Herald, March 13, 1918

In a 1925 interview with Harry Carr, Chaplin listed Hearts Of The World among the best films ever made.*

Here is what he said about it in 1918:

Los Angeles Times, April 4th, 1918

*Chaplin also listed two other Griffith films (plus a Von Sternberg film) during the 1925 interview. Here’s an excerpt:

I asked him what he considered the best pictures ever made, and this was the list he gave (cheers to Griffith.)

Birth Of A Nation
Hearts Of The World

Chaplin looked at us defensively, as though prepared to resist, and said he still considered von Sternberg’s Salvation Hunters to be one of the best pictures ever made. “They objected to it because the people were not real, but of course that was the greatness of the picture. They weren’t supposed to be real. They were symbols–thoughts.” (Harry Carr, “Chaplin Explains Chaplin,” Motion Picture, November 1925)


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