Sunday, December 18, 2016

With Paulette at the Mocambo, c.1942


  1. a couple of things:

    a) they always look so good together!
    b) I've seen that dress in other shots - it's gorgeous shimmering silver or gold on white
    c) is that a WARTIME steak??

    1. This may have been taken in 1941--before the war. My date was just a guess. So that might not be a wartime steak! Thanks for pointing that out--it didn't occur to me! But they did frequent the Mocambo around this time (see my comment below).

      Charlie and Paulette do always look good together. They clearly enjoyed each other's company.

  2. Great photo. Where do you find these? Interesting, as they both look much older than than they actually are, to me. But we all have photos like those floating around. This is 1942? Not many photos of CC around the time he was dating Barry.
    The Mocambo was around Sunset and Sunset Plaza, which headed north. I used to uses that street all the time. Does she have a engagement ring on(or did she she just like to wear rings)? What year did she get engaged to Meredith?

    Tom K

    1. Paulette loved jewelry so that's probably not an engagement ring she is wearing. She didn't marry Burgess Meredith until 1944.
      This photo could be 1941 (I added a "circa" to the date above). I dated it 1942 because Paulette had a similar look in other photos taken of them around that time.

      One reason they were probably spending so much time together after they were supposedly "divorced" is because Chaplin was trying to put her under contract again. In fact, a contract was evidently found in Goddard's estate, dated 1942, with Chaplin's name on it but not Paulette's.

      No, there aren't too many photos of Chaplin during the Joan Barry period, and I've always wanted to find a picture of him with Joan. They did go out in public so I'm surprised there isn't one out there somewhere. However he did date other women during that time--Carole Landis, Hedy, Lamarr, etc. He was also clearly seeing Paulette, even if it was just friendly. There is even a photo of them that is dated September 1943--a few months after he married Oona (in June). But press photos can have the wrong date. I have my doubts that he was having dinner alone with Paulette after his marriage but it could have been taken before.