Christmas Miscellanea

A few Chaplin-related Christmas bits:

Motion Picture News, Jan, 11, 1919

Washington Post, Dec. 25, 1926

Boston Globe, Jan. 2nd, 1930

Rochester Democrat & Chronicle, Dec. 30th, 1937

Boston Globe, Dec. 23rd, 1928

Los Angeles Times, Dec. 20th, 1936
Motion Picture Magazine, December 1923

Los Angeles Times, Jan. 7th, 1925

Christmas greeting from Chaplin, Photo-Play Journal, December 1917

For more about Chaplin and Christmas visit my Christmas Post Archive.

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  1. Very nice collection! Being press reports, many of course have the heavy publicist spin to them, deftly masking Chaplin's frequent marital problems and his deep personal dislike of Christmas.

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