1. I was going to say he looks strikingly youthful in this picture compared to how he looked around the time of Monsieur Verdoux! But the caption doesn't lie–unless they were using an older picture for some reason. Huh. Odd.

  2. It's definitely from 1947 (or earlier). I have the magazine. To me, his hair looks similar to the way it was in the movie. It was dyed black with a little gray left in the front.

  3. When I see this photo I cant help but be Surprised this was ever in a magazine because of the censorships at the time thought something like this would have been a little risqué to print.

  4. I am just surprised Chaplin took the photo. For someone so adamant about privacy, this seems very out there. Even if he's at a tennis club or something!

  5. The photo was publisheed in French magazine NOIR ET BLANC dated January 1st 1947. So the photo was taken at the maximum in 1946. I cannot see Verdoux's real moustache Chaplin wore during the filming of the movie. May Paul Dorsey be the photographer's name? D.

  6. Yes, that's exactly who it was. I can't believe I didn't notice it before. He was a photographer for the LA Times & Life Magazine (among others).

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