Day By Day: 1936

Friday, September 18th – Sunday, September 27th: Charlie and Paulette attend the Pacific Southwest Tennis Tournament at the Los Angeles Athletic Club. 

With Fred Perry (above & below) who was defeated by Don Budge in the singles championship.
Charlie & Fred seem to be admiring Paulette’s bracelet.

Hollywood magazine, December 1936.
 Paulette is also holding a camera in the top photo.
In this photo with Mary Astor, Paulette is wearing a dress that she wore
 during her trip to the Far East with Charlie earlier in the year.

Day By Day: 1936: An account of one year of Charlie Chaplin’s life.


  1. The top photo: Paulette appears to be wearing a full mohair dress and is accenting it with the 30's popular staple: full fur animals with feet, heads and all. Charlie appears to be in a dark suit…blue or gray perhaps? It's September.Then you have December of the same year….she's wearing SHORTS, no fur in site, but the favorite pageboy beret hat is there. And he is in tennis flannels with a light sport coat over it. Now, I live in CA and realize we have no "seasons", but come on! Fur in September and Shorts in December?

  2. Paulette does it effortlessly. Of course, the vegetarian in me can't help but wonder how many animals had to die for that one ensemble.

  3. I agree, I don't understand the beauty standard demanding fur throws, especially ones with the heads and feet and such still attached. Dead carcasses slung casually around someone's shoulders!

  4. I know Getty images said Mary Astor in that last photo but that lady next to Paulette looks an awful lot like Paulettes mothers Alta Goddard. I wonder if it's her instead?

  5. Mary spent her last years at the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital, as it was called and maybe still is, not far from my house. My good friend worked there at the time as a kind of guard and said Mary was really pushy and had a nasty mouth. He always told her, "Shut the f*** up, Mary."Tom K

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