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Chaplin visits the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, October 1917

Chaplin aboard the Mauna Kea, Oct. 13th, 1917

The following article describes Chaplin’s departure from Honolulu aboard the Mauna Kea bound for Hilo and the volcano.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 15, 1917

Chaplin and Demosthenes “Monty” Lycurgus, the owner of the Volcano House Hotel.

Honolulu Star-Bulletin, October 27, 1917

More photos at the volcano. With Chaplin are Edna Purviance (seated), Rob Wagner (in white), and Tom Harrington (in dark jacket behind Edna).


  1. Wow. I already have a trip planned for April 2017 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of my grandfather's visit to Kilauea (he was there in Feb. 1917). And now I find out that I'll be there for the (almost) 100th anniversary of Chaplin having been there too! I was gonna say "pretty cool" but given the context, "hot stuff" might be more appropriate.

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