Rare footage of Chaplin’s Trick Film Sequence with Sir Albert and Lady Naylor-Leyland, 1923

This rarity was posted on the Chaplin Official Facebook page today. A small portion of this footage appears in the documentary The Gentleman Tramp, but the rest of it I’d never seen before–and it’s quite long. This was early 1923, so I assume the set and the door is from A Woman Of Paris but they don’t look familiar to me. The Naylor-Leylands were on their honeymoon. Chaplin evidently gave the bride a movie camera as a gift (see article below).

San Francisco Chronicle, May 4th, 1923


  1. That was pretty good – I thought the camera tricks were well done.I like how all 3 of them were the same height!The room they walked through looked like the inside of the cabin in GoldrushWhat was the music? At first I thought it was funny they were playing 1940's music but then it sounded a little like CC's "plinky" (coconuts) style

  2. As usual, you're right, Jess! You can see the front door in A WOMAN OF PARIS, in the scene where Marie calls Jean from the station: someone rings the bell at Jean's parents' house while Jean is explaining to Marie that something terrible has just happened. D.

  3. That is so cool! I love any footage that shows Chaplin in action out of costume and make-up, and you're right, this was an unusually long look! Thanks for sharing!

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