Friday, August 19, 2016

DAY BY DAY: 1936

No, I haven't forgotten about this series. August 1936 was a very slow month for Chaplin but things pick up toward the end of the month and into September. I apologize for not posting the following on its anniversary.

Monday, August 17th: Charlie and Paulette attend a concert by conductor Leopold Stokowski at the Hollywood Bowl.

Behind them are King Vidor and Betty Hill (hidden by Charlie).
Close up of above photo.

Evidently the crowd was so large that Charlie and Paulette had to schlep to the Bowl from another street instead of being dropped off in their car at the front door (gasp): 

Los Angeles Times, August 23rd, 1936

Coming up: Chaplin wires his studio for sound, and makes an announcement about another film project. 

DAY BY DAY: 1936: A chronicle of one year of Chaplin's life.  


  1. That looks like King Vidor behind them, but it's hard to verify.

    1. Thanks, Unknown, I pointed him out in the caption under the photo. It is hard to tell that it's him but I have a newspaper clipping with a different photo (it was a bit too grainy to include in the post) that shows Vidor facing the camera smiling and Betty Hill sitting next to him (unobstructed). It was definitely him. The newspaper identified him and Betty as well.

  2. Oops, I missed your caption!