Georgia Hale, 1930

Here’s Georgia (left) with Eduardo Ugarte, Leonor Orstein, Edgar Neville (holding a rifle), José López Rubio and Tono. Ugarte, Neville, and Rubio were Spanish writers/filmmakers. Tono was a Spanish comedian (Ornstein was his wife). All had recently come to Hollywood from Spain and had spent time with Chaplin, especially Neville, who even had a bit part in City Lights. It’s possible Chaplin took this photo.


And because I enjoy finding similarities in photos. I noticed that Georgia is wearing the same jacket in the photos below taken at Catalina Island, also in 1930, with Chaplin & a group of Russian filmmakers.

GH, Ivor Montagu, Sergei Eisenstein, Eduard Tisse, and CC (looking through binoculars)
Tisse, CC, GH, and Eisenstein
Same group, except Grigori Alexandrov replaces Tisse,
 and Charlie & Georgia decide to hold hands.

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