Day By Day: 1936

June 30th-July 2nd: Chaplin attends the annual United Artists Sales Convention at the Ambassador Hotel. 

Chaplin announced during the proceedings that he would make two pictures during the 1936-37 production season, including one starring Paulette in a leading role. (Of course, he never made them.)

Read more about the convention here.

I couldn’t find a photo of Chaplin at this meeting but here is one from the July 1935 convention. Chaplin’s dyed hair indicates that he was in the midst of filming Modern Times.

Day By Day: 1936: A chronicle of one year of Chaplin’s life.


  1. Pickford is totally judging Paulette's flower…it appears much fluffier than whatever Pickford has in her dress cleavage.

  2. Great photo! My friend from college lived at the Ambassador (her father was the manager), and I was there many,many times visiting. Let me ask her where this might have been taken.Tom K

  3. According to my friend who lived at the Ambassador, this was taken in the Embassy Ballroom. This room can be seen in The Graduate, where Ben (Hoffman) goes into a ballroom party at the hotel, exits, leaves, and enters the hotel bar. It's opposite the front desk. Funny, I passed this site many times visiting.Tom K

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