Day By Day: 1936

Wednesday, June 3rd: Charlie and Paulette arrive in San Francisco following their four-month tour of the Far East.

It was also Paulette’s 26th birthday.

Charlie & Paulette with fellow passenger Jean Cocteau.

From the sun deck of the SS Coolidge, Chaplin told reporters they’d had a “delightful” trip. “Glorious, just glorious,” he said. But they were “terribly anxious” to return to Hollywood & get back to work. He was forthcoming about future film projects but dodged questions regarding his marital status. “We never discuss our personal affairs,” he said, smiling broadly. “Anything on that matter would come from Miss Goddard.” However Paulette’s reply was the same as Charlie’s: “I never discuss my personal affairs with the press.”

Newsreel footage of Charlie and Paulette in San Francisco. Jean Cocteau appears briefly at the end. 
As for his film plans. Chaplin said he had already written 10,000 words for a “romantic adventure” set in the South Seas and starring Paulette has a native girl. He would direct the film but not appear in it. As for the Tramp. Chaplin couldn’t say whether the character would ever appear onscreen again. If he did, he would be silent. “I could never talk in that role. He will always be the way he has been. I can’t tell whether he has finished his journey, whether he will ever return. You know, he has had some rather good innings, hasn’t he?”

From San Francisco, the couple (along with Alta Goddard and Frank Yonemori who are still with them)* drove to the famous Del Monte resort in Pebble Beach. Perhaps to celebrate Paulette’s birthday. They will return to L.A. on the 5th.

The couple at Del Monte:

*Cocteau, who had been traveling on the same ship as the Chaplin party since Hong Kong, departed separately for L.A.

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Day By Day: 1936: An account of one year of Chaplin’s life.

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