Day By Day: 1936

May 16th-17th: Kyoto

Valet Frank Yonemori at left.

Shortly after their arrival in Kobe on the 16th, Charlie and Paulette (and Alta and Frank) drove to Kyoto. They spent one night at the famous Hiiragiya Inn, where they are pictured below having tea.

Another rare sighting of Frank at right. Where’s Alta?
Charlie and Paulette pose with hostess Taguchi Yae

The next morning (the 17th), Charlie & Co. set off for Yokohama.


Day By Day: 1936: A document of one year of Chaplin’s life

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  1. …and I always thought that photo of Frank with Charlie and Paulette sitting on the ground was taken at home at Summit Drive! Hmm, where IS Alta? Can't be taking every photo, now!

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