Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chaplin's World

Here's a short news piece about the Chaplin's World museum, which opened last month. It features some clips of Michael and Eugene talking about their father. There is also some nice home movie footage including a very short clip near the beginning of Charlie with his eldest son, Charlie, Jr., his daughter-in-law, Susan, and their daughter, Susan Maree, Charlie's first grandchild, who was born in 1959. This footage was new to me.

Below are some photos of Charlie, Jr. and his daughter at the Manoir. Stepmom Oona is in the second photo. Fun tidbit: Charlie, Jr. and Oona were almost exactly the same age. They were born 9 days apart in May 1925 (Charlie: May 5th, Oona: May 14th)


  1. I didn't realize Charlie Jr had come over to Switzerland - I need to go check the book he wrote to see if he talked about it!

    1. I checked. He doesn't mention this visit but one from 1954. I didn't realize that Charlie, Jr. and his wife divorced after such a short time. Evidently they separated after only a few weeks. This made me wonder if the woman in the video was really his wife, but it is. I found an article that said Chaplin, Sr. paid their fare to come to Switzerland in an effort to bring about a reconciliation between them. Of course, I wondered if this was true or just gossip. But given the letter from his father that Charlie, Jr. includes at the end of his book, encouraging him to rethink his divorce, perhaps he did try to help them.