Day By Day: 1936

Wednesday, April 29th: Charlie, Paulette, and her mother, Alta, pose with the local press in Hanoi. 

These photos were probably taken outside the Metropole Hotel where the Chaplin party was staying.* The reporters were with the newspaper Dong Phap.

Charlie and his companions arrived in Hanoi on the 24th and will stay here until around the first of the month, then travel on to Haiphong.

* You can now stay at the “Charlie Chaplin Suite” at the hotel. The website wrongly claims Charlie and Paulette spent their “honeymoon” here. This isn’t possible since they haven’t even been to Canton yet, which is where Charlie says they were married (but it’s coming up).

Day By Day: 1936.

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  1. I find it weird that Paulette and Alta share clothing. Maybe it's just me, but I would never be doing that. Paulette wore that top in some shipboard photos, and I've seen it on her in photos from some tennis match back in LA.

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