Day By Day: 1936

(circa) Monday, April 20th: Charlie & Paulette visit the ruins of Angkor

It was around this time 80 years ago that Charlie, Paulette, her mother, Alta, and Chaplin’s valet, Frank Yonemori visited the ruins of Angkor, once the capital city of the Khmer Empire, and its famous temples: Angkor Wat & Angkor Thom.

With tour guide, Victor Goloubew (left)

Their tour guide was archaeologist Victor Goloubew of the EFEO.* Sadly, I could find little information about this visit or Chaplin’s impressions of the place. They spent at least two days here, staying at the Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap, the closest city to Angkor.

See many more photos of the visit here.

*EFEO aka École française d’Extrême-Orient is a French institute dedicated to the study of Asian societies

Coming up: The Chaplin party continues east toward Tourane (Da Nang), and Chaplin is reported dead. Stay tuned…

Day By Day: 1936: a document of one year of Chaplin’s life.

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