Chaplin Conducting Orchestra and Belly Dancing at 5th Liberty Loan Drive, 1919

If you have not seen this rare footage before (or even if you have), you are in for a real treat. It starts around the 1:23 mark following some info on Chaplin’s participation in the Third Liberty Loan Drive.

(The first photo of Chaplin shown in the video was actually taken after finishing The Immigrantnot A Dog’s Life. I write about it here.)

Don’t miss all the other familiar faces on stage with Charlie: Edna Purviance, Henry Bergman, Loyal Underwood, Albert Austin, and Tom Wood.



  1. Extraordinary footage. I knew only a very small part of it. Henry Bergman is easily identifiable. So is Tom Wood. Do you think the young woman could be Edna? D.

  2. Hi JessNot seen this footage before. Fantastic!! The clarity of the footage is brilliant, and you get a real sense that the very young looking CC is really having some fun.Once again, great work Jessica.Kind regardsJohn

  3. Yes, I agree about Loyal Underwood. I'm not sure about Albert Austin, however that's a probability if we consider that the Chaplin company was represented on stage. D.

  4. I don't have a smiley with a smile big enough for that one! Them belly dancers left EVERYTHING to the imagination. LololI liked Edna's body language…sort of an easy suave she's got goin there.

  5. This video is Remarkable! I adore clips like this with Charlie & Edna…Charlie's behind though Haha….Thank You for sharing! 🙂

  6. Wow! I've known about this footage but never thought I'd ever have a chance to see it. Rollie talked about it though, and I'm betting this is part of what he was referring to."Mary, Doug and Charlie, and I went down in the evening and that, and they sold bonds and everything. We set up, uh, they set up a platform in Pershing Square, and then different ones, celebrities in the motion picture business, would entertain. They had Fairbanks, Pickford and Chaplin night down there, and we photographed it. Too bad I haven't got some of those pictures. I had stills, and they burned up (in Rollie's house fire in 1940). And then I went down to the depot, after the show and that. They all caught the train to Salt Lake City and I photographed them all waving to the crowds around and everything. They were on their way to work on these war bonds."Thanks for giving me the chance to see a bit more of what might be Grandpa's footage.DT

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