Day By Day: 1936

March 23, 2016 admin 5

Monday: March 23rd: The gang leaves Singapore at dawn for Batavia, Java. CC, Qantas captain Russell Tapp, Paulette, and Alta Charlie, Paulette, her mother, Alta, […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 22, 2016 admin 6

Sunday, March 22nd: Charlie, Paulette, and Alta are the guests of the Sultan of Johore.  I could find no details about this visit. It was […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 21, 2016 admin 0

Saturday, March 21st: Chaplin attempts to charter “Honeymoon Yacht” 80-years-ago today, Chaplin caused a stir in Singapore when he inquired about chartering a yacht called […]

Day By day: 1936

March 20, 2016 admin 0

Friday, March 20th: The Straits Times, March 20th, 1936 That night Charlie, Paulette, and her mother attended the fights at the New World arena. Charlie […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 19, 2016 admin 0

Thursday, March 19th: Paulette’s first rickshaw ride Paulette & Charlie on the rickshaws Accompanied by Charlie, her mother, Alta, and Chaplin’s valet/secretary, Frank Yonemori, Paulette […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 18, 2016 admin 1

Wednesday, March 18th: Arrival at Singapore The Chaplin party left Hong Kong on March 14th aboard the Suwa Maru. They arrived in Singapore amid a […]

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Fishing in Ireland, 1962

March 17, 2016 admin 0

Source: Getty Images (this link has a larger, clearer picture) Watch footage of Charlie and Oona arriving in Ireland here.

Charlie and Syd, 1917

March 16, 2016 admin 3

“He wishes nearly every other day you were here. Unless he pulls up within next couple of days am afraid he will miss release on […]

Day By Day: 1936

March 14, 2016 admin 1

Saturday, March 14th: Leaving for Singapore After a couple of cold, foggy days in Hong Kong (including Friday the 13th) the Chaplin party embarked for Singapore aboard the […]