Day By Day: 1936

Saturday, March 28th: Destination: Bali

Charlie and his companions spent their last night of the Java road trip in Djokja. The next morning they drove to Surabaya to catch the boat for Bali.

A large crowd gathered in the lobby of the Orange Hotel in Surabaya where they were due to arrive at 2:00. But in true Chaplin form he was late. When they finally arrived at 3:30, many of the people who had been waiting had already left, except for a handful of reporters and autograph seekers.* Charlie didn’t seem to mind. He signed autographs for those who stuck around and answered the reporters’ questions.

“What will you do in Bali?”he was asked.

“I will get a wonderful full week of rest.”

“How was your journey through Java?”

“Beautiful. Miss Goddard was especially thrilled by the tropical nature. I like to take my vacations in countries near the equator. First because of the tropics, and secondly we travel a lot quieter here without a lot of enthusiastic admirers, especially in Java. We enjoy our peace.”**

The travelers were given two rooms at the hotel to freshen up and change clothes. It was noted that Paulette and her mother took one room, and Charlie took the other. Afterward they partook of a “well-stocked rijstafel.”

At 5:00 they departed for the Port of Tanjung Priok where they boarded the steamer Merak for Bali.

I’ll have more from Bali coming up in Day By Day: 1936


*This welcome paled in comparison to Chaplin’s first visit to the Orange Hotel in 1932.
**Translated from Dutch.

Soerabaijasch handelsblad, March 30th, 1936
De Indische Courant, March 30th, 1936

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