Day By Day: 1936

Sunday, March 1st: 

On this day eighty years ago, Charlie and Paulette were sailing the Pacific en route to Yokohama, Japan (from Honolulu).

Meanwhile, back at home, a charming interview with Chaplin appeared in the Chicago Tribune. In it, he reminisces about the fun he had making his early films and how they “whacked out” two films and week, protests the critics calling him “highbrow” (“they’ll ruin me if they keep that up,”) and jokes about making his sound debut as a singer. “I can’t sing at all,” he says.

From the Chicago Tribune, March 1st, 1936:

Coming up in Day By Day: 1936: Charlie and Paulette arrive at Yokohoma on March 6th.


  1. I'm always pleasantly surprised at his impromptu eloquence. It's a shame his great mind started to fade when he became really elderly. I'm sure his keen sense of things was still there as he became less verbal.

  2. Ah, the roller skating scene. That's probably my favorite Chaplin moment of all. I was wondering if he ever commented on it. Indeed, at 46, he was darn limber. Age 46 back then was probably different than 46 now, if you know what I mean. If I put on skates now and took a tumble, I would be out of action for about two days! Great find. Thanks.Tom K

  3. My pleasure. Charlie was still pretty limber into his 60s. Most men his age couldn't do those somersaults and splits he was doing in "Limelight."

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