CRUEL, CRUEL LOVE, released March 26th, 1914

Directed by George Nichols
Screenplay by Craig Hutchinson

Charlie’s fiancee (Minta Durfee) jumps to the wrong conclusion when she sees him assisting her maid (Eva Nelson) who has twisted her ankle. She breaks off their engagement and tells him she never wants to see him again. Distraught, Charlie attempts suicide by taking poison. He writhes in agony and has a “vision of his destiny”: being tortured in hell by pitchfork-wielding demons. In the meantime, his fiancee learns the truth and sends him a note telling him all is forgiven. A frantic Charlie phones the doctor and discovers that the supposed poison was only water.

Instead of his Tramp costume, Chaplin is wearing a modified version of the costume he wore in Making A Living.

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