Day By Day: 1936

Friday, February 21st -Wed. February 26: The SS President Coolidge sails for Honolulu.

The ship, with Charlie, Paulette, her mother, and valet Frank Yonemori on board, departed San Francisco on the 21st. It will arrive at its destination on the 26th.

It is interesting to note that none of their names appear on the passenger list for the ship. Of course, it would not have been unusual for Chaplin to have traveled under an alias.

Here are some shots of the gang aboard the Coolidge. Since valet Frank appears in very few photos from this trip, he must have served double duty as photographer.

Playing ping-pong
Paulette’s mother, Alta.

Below: Paulette and Charlie with the captain of the SS Coolidge, Karl Ahlin:
Coming up on the 26th: Chaplin and entourage arrive in Honolulu. Chaplin lunches with George Bernard Shaw. Catch up on my “Day By Day: 1936” series here

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