Day By Day: 1936

Tuesday, February 11th: Modern Times premiered at the Tivoli in London.

Workmen outside the Tivoli put the finishing touches on a neon sign before the premiere. 

 From The New York Times:

After five years, London film critics found Charlie Chaplin as ‘funny as ever” today when ‘Modern Times received its premiere at the Adelphi Theater [sic]. Fifty policemen controlled the crowd rushing for seats at $5 apiece.

Hannon Swaffer in the Daily Herald writes:

Countless millions will thank Chaplin again for making them laugh. Many millions of those will also thank him for making some of the others think.

The Evening News says:

There never has been a Chaplin film so full of notions and each done as only a great artist of pantomime like Chaplin could do it. (NYT, Feb. 12, 1936)

Tennis champion Fred Perry and actress Helen Vinson at the London premiere.

In the news 80 years ago this week:

Macon Telegraph, Feb. 9, 1936

Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Feb. 12, 1936
 (Paulette must have attended a critics’ preview)

Salt Lake Tribune, feb. 9, 1936

Sydney Morning Herald, Feb. 10, 1936

New York Times, Feb. 13, 1936

Altoona Tribune, Feb. 10, 1936

In tomorrow’s installment of “Day By Day: 1936”: Charlie & Paulette attend the Hollywood premiere of Modern Times.

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