Discovering Chaplin

Hi everyone,

I’m sorry to be so out of touch. We’ve been preparing for this major winter storm they keep talking about. Nobody seems to know exactly how much snow we will get but we want to be ready in case we are snowed in for the weekend. They are even talking about blizzard conditions, I hope it doesn’t come to that!

Stay safe!


  1. First time I have noticed that the "snow" comes not through the door, but from the left. Or is it added in post? Charlie's cape seems to instantly disappear and his hat does some strange things but that may be a function of the gif build.

  2. His cape blows off right when the door opens, so it must be the way the gif was made (I didn't make it) that makes it seem like his cape just disappears. I'd never noticed the snow coming from the left either.

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