Day By Day: 1936

Monday, January 27th: In this interview with Sheilah Graham, published 80-years ago today in the Los Angeles Times, Chaplin reveals that his next film will be a talkie, that he is tired of being the “forgotten man of the movies,” and why he would “rather not go” to the upcoming New York premiere of Modern Times on February 5th (his reasons are interesting).

Sadly, Ms. Graham reveals to her readers the entire plot of the Modern Times, including the ending.

Los Angeles Times, January 27, 1936


  1. In Shoulder Arms, 15 mins in, Charlie is waking up in the water after sleeping in 2 ft of it along with others in the bunkhouse. There are bare feet on the stacked soldiers in the top bunk. Syd is hilarious sleeping under water with bare feet sticking up. Upon waking, CC stands, reaches down into the water and hauls up his bare foot.

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