Day By Day: 1936

Sunday, January 5th: Chaplin held a preview of Modern Times at the Alexander Theater in Glendale.

Chaplin Studios production report from January 6th. ©Roy Export Co. Est., used with permission.

Monday, January 6th: Modern Times was delivered to Joseph Breen, head of the production code office, who viewed the film that day and immediately responded with a letter outlining six sequences he’d like changed, including one that showed a closeup of the udders of a cow!

Letter from Joseph Breen to Chaplin Studio manager, Alfred Reeves.
©Roy Export Co. Est, used with permission.

The “pansy gag” takes place in the jail and involves an effeminate man who enters a cell where Charlie is sitting alone. Alarmed, Charlie demands to be moved, only to end up in a cell with a brutish man doing needlepoint (the latter scene remains in the film).

The word “dope” is changed to “nose powder.”

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