With Count Lorenzo de Besa, Vice-Consul of Peru, & other foreign diplomats, Christmas Day, 1927

Chaplin died 50 years to the day after these photos were taken.

According to the Los Angeles Herald, his guests were treated to a sneak preview of The Circus.

See more pictures here.

Chaplin inscribed this photo: “Los Angeles 25th December 1927, To my friend Count L.S. de Besa,
 In remembrance of the lunch ? dedicated to you with the assistance of many foreign diplomats representing
 twenty two nations in Los Angeles, as a mark of my estimation and friendship. Sincerely, Charlie Chaplin”
This photo is inscribed: “To Joseph F. Triska, Consul of Czechoslovakia,
My Best Wishes, Charlie Chaplin, Christmas 1927″


  1. I have two different original prints of the group photo at the bottom. Good to know what it's all about and the names of some of the indivuals. Thanks!

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