“My forgotten dad, Charlie Chaplin”

By Michael Chaplin.

This is from a few years ago (2007) but was new to me, although we’ve heard these stories before. I think Chaplin has had quite a resurgence since then as well. Although I don’t think he was ever really forgotten.


“HE HATED watching his old movies, didn’t like Christmas and could be a terrifying father. His son reveals why he fears the comedy legend is in danger of being forgotten on the anniversary of his death….”


  1. A quite sad article but it's good to know that Michael sees their relationship in a mature way now. And btw I can't wait for the museam to be opened.

  2. I thought I read that he showed his old films all the time. Like the kids and guests were required to watch them. Anyway interesting article…

  3. Sad but interesting article I don't know much about Chaplin as a father but from what I do know he seemed to have the most difficult time bonding with Michael. The Strange thing is in photos they always look so close

  4. Michael Chaplin.. you had the best father on the face of the earth.. your dad had been through hell and back and back again in his life.. he had the biggest heart and I wish you could have known that. Charlie's father hadn't been there he had a very different life.. he was a good man and it is wrong to speak ill of him publicly..

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