Currently up for sale on ebay

This rare photo of Charlie and Hedy Lamarr is currently up for bid on ebay for an exorbitant starting price of $350.×14-Photograph-/391314140098?hash=item5b1c23ebc2:g:CkEAAOSwT5tWPQ5U

Is that a very bored-looking Charlie, Jr. in the background?


  1. Hi! Absolutely love your site!Is that Irene mayor-Selznick in the hood next to Hedy??It looks like a war benefit type thing, is Hedy sewing or something??

  2. I have a feeling that that is Paulette in the chair next to him, between Charlie and Charlie Jr. Not that it would stop him from flirting with anyone, or her as well! I bet they are at that Catalina restaurant again- the same one where they were photographed with Anita Loos and John Emerson.

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