THE IDLE CLASS, released September 25th, 1921

“An absent-minded husband”
In his autobiography, Chaplin mentions having a “slight accident” with the blowtorch in this scene.
 “The heat of it went through my asbestos pants, so we added another layer of asbestos.”
Edna with Lillan (left) & Lillita McMurray (later Lita Grey),
 Chaplin’s future wife and mother-in-law.
Chaplin (and I believe he is wearing the costume here)
struggling with the helmet of his knight suit. 
However the identity of the person wearing the armor in this scene remains a mystery–
or is it Armand Triller as suggested by Paul Duncan in the new book
  The Chaplin Archives (see comments below).


  1. According to Paul Duncan, the actor in the armor is an Armand TRILLER. Robinson also mentions a Triller cast in The Idle Class, however he gives Arnold as his first name.D.

  2. That's the problem: there's absolutely no source given in that book, except the Chaplin archives. However, we know David Robinson had the same source. So, is Robinson wrong when he first names Triller Arnold for The Idle Class and Armand for The Circus?D.

  3. Hi, I went through the Daily Production Reports for the film, and the only name to consistently appear in the film on the days when they were shooting the armor scenes was Armand Triller – listed as "A. Triller". If you look at Triller's scene in The Circus, you can see that they are roughly the same size.

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