1. I really like the Stewart W. Carothers strips. They feel more like Chaplin films, relying on pantomime, than the later E.C. Segar strips, which often revolved around wordplay. Do you know if they have every been collected? They'd make a lovely book.

  2. I have Comic Capers and Funny Stunts (the colour one) and they seem to only have the E.C. Segar strips. Do you know anybody who has collected the strips?

  3. In CC's Funny Stunts, second and third pages of cover (in black and white) are by Carothers. The rest of the book (in color) is by Segar.In CC's Comic Capers, many pages are not signed. Anyway, there's no page signed by Carothers.I also have CC in the Army: pages 1 to 4 are from Carothers. The ten following pages are by Segar.D.

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