Happy birthday, Sophia (September 20th, 1934)

“Working with Chaplin was an unforgettable experience. He was a meticulous filmmaker, fussing over even the smallest details. He could spend hours on just one scene, suggesting intonations, gestures, and, most importantly, moods, using the most remarkable images to evoke them. But it was when he stopped explaining and started acting that the world suddenly changed. Those were the moments when he forgot he was the director and he would leap around like a ham actor, despite his age. And you would find the Little Tramp right there in front of you. It energized you, but could also inhibit you. We all knew that he was one of a kind, and that everything started and ended with him.” –Sophia Loren, Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: My Life, 2014


  1. I didn't enjoy this film very much but it did have a sweet little story, I really liked seeing Marlon, Sophia and Sydney all together but that appearance Victoria and Josephine made was strange. But was nice seeing them too I guess

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