Chaplin drank real booze on stage as Inebriate

This 1911 article also reveals a “peculiar incident” with a “Miss Someone” in London, and that Charlie was hailed as the clog dancer of England.

Winnipeg Tribune, September 8th, 1911 (click to enlarge)

A couple of months later, he told the Oakland Tribune: “I very seldom take a drink off stage. I do insist, however, that the stuff I sip in the act is real; that I need Dutch courage, but I’m strong for realism.”


  1. The inebriate was Chaplin's real claim to fame as a performer in his Karno days and it's how he got noticed by the Keystone owners and Mack Sennent. He did swear off booze as a result of his father's early death due to "the drink", but he did drink occasionally. There are references to this throughout his life. I do feel this article is a myth that he drank as part of the act, but it would certainly make it easier to play a drunk when drunk.

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