With May Reeves in Juan-les-Pins, summer 1931

Photo courtesy of Stephen Lovegrove

There has been a bit of a debate over whether or not the woman next to Charlie (with her straps down) is May. I believe that it is. Her body shape, her long nose, and her short, dark hair, all resemble May, in my opinion. Plus there are other photos of May with her bathing suit straps hanging down (here and here).

I have not been able to ID the other people in the photo.


  1. could the man in the bathrobe be Carlyle Robinson (sic)? And yes, someone was wearing a shirt for a while. His face is as dark as her chest!

  2. Forgive me if I sound silly ( I don't really know much about May) but did May have any relations/related to Alf Reeves in anyway or was it coincidence that they both have the same surname.

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