1. Do you know if it's only going to be clearer than the David Shepard restorations or are there anything else I have to count on (I mean new scenes, or something like that)? And it's a pity it's only on Blu-Ray, I have no player :/Domi

  2. Wow, that's good news! Can I have another question? I know there was a BFI restoration not so long ago, as well. Is it the same thing? Or is it more similar to the 1990s restoration? Do you know anything about it…?Domi

  3. I always chuckle at Chicago 1907 founders Spoor and Anderson calling 'S & A' studios Essanay. Ha hahttp://cinewiki.wikispaces.com/Essanay+Studios

  4. I only hope that "Lodestone Studios" in "His New Job" first intertitle was corrected.It was not corrected in the Spanish release.

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