1. For those in Southern California who'd like to explore the 'border of Austerlich and Tomania', take Lake Vista Drive east off of Mulholland Hwy near Lake Malibu in the western Santa Monica Mountains. Snooping around a bit will also reveal the location of a couple of other scenes that appear in the film just before the final speech. (btw, Frankenstein's monster drowned Little Maria very near there as well, although about 8 or 9 years earlier.) The bridge that Paulette and Maurice cross on their way to the 'border' is still there too, a bit further west on Mulholland Hwy, spanning Triunfo Creek.

  2. I just found out last night that Moskovich died before this movie was even released – he died in June of 1940 following surgery.

  3. Chaplin looks so handsome and yes boyish too. I think he should have worn casual clothes more often. And I would have liked him and Paulette to have stayed together too.

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