A WOMAN, released 100 years ago today

This was Chaplin’s tenth film for Essanay and the third film in which he donned women’s clothing (the other two were A Busy Day & The Masquerader at Keystone.)  This was arguably his best female impersonation. The ending also features one of the rare occasions in Charlie’s silent films where we see him (as a man) without his mustache.


  1. Ok – this is his most adorable look in any of his shorts. I love his skinny legs in the long johns! Why do you think the striped top is pinned at the bottom? To make sure everything stays covered? Also, I have always wondered about the 3rd picture – which is a close up. To me it just doesn't look like him. The hair is all frizzy and sticking out (unlike other shots of him) and the dead animal neck wrap is different than other shots. Just wondering – still wicked cute…

  2. Love the sneaky look on CC face as he holds the mannequins breast, if you blink at that scene you miss it entirely I guess that's why it was left in the film

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