1. The photo was taken at the Ritz Hotel. May be it has something to do with the premiere of KIPPS, for I think we can see Georges K ARTHUR (dressed in tuxedo). Also, my guess is that the man standing on Carlyle ROBINSON's right is Arthur KELLY. Maybe Lisa or you could help us? D.

  2. I was hoping some people would pop in with I.D.s. I totally missed Carl Robinson in the back–and I was looking for him. It was hard to see his glasses. I think you're right, Dominique, the smiling man does look like Arthur Kelly. And isn't George K. Arthur also in the photo with HG Wells (the one we always see where they are in an office)?

  3. It's definitely Arthur, thanks Dominique. As for Arthur Kelly, I never seem to know exactly what he looked like, despite the fact that I've written about him quite a lot. Thanks, both!

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