Chaplin at a children’s party in Berlin, March 1931


Charlie Chaplin at a children’s party in Berlin 1932 [sic]

Stefan Lorant (left) presents Chaplin before the children of famous actors. To the right of Chaplin: Michael Kerr, the son of Alfred Kerr, in front of him, Vera Viola Veidt, the daughter of Conrad Veidt (Veidt and his wife, center, rear), far right: the actor Alexander Granach with his son.

Also in the photo is Chaplin’s publicity agent, Carlyle Robinson, on the right in glasses behind Granach. 


  1. Roland Barthes in his book "Image, Music, Text" talks about the puncture of a photograph–that one unexpected thing that jumps out at you and grabs your attention, but which is not really the focus of the photo. My eye went right to the screaming child–far left. It's reaction seems so counter to the general feeling of the photo and of the time everyone was having. Great. Thanks.

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