With Argentinian cartoonist Ramón Columba at the Chaplin Studios, 1925

Chaplin is looking at an issue of Columba’s comic magazine,
Paginas de Columba
A 1925 issue of the magazine shows a colorized photo of Columba, Chaplin, and Harry d’Arrast on the cover.
See original version of photo here. Note that Charlie is referred to as “Carlitos” Chaplin.
Columba’s caricature of “Carlitos” from the same issue, with an inscription from Chaplin.

Photos: sonrisasargentinas.blogspot.com


  1. Carlito (without an "s") is the Spanish diminutive pet name for Carlos ("Charles"), equivalent to the English or French "Charlie".Carlitos (with an "s") is the equivalent of the French nickname "Charlot".D.

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